Project monitoring

Lyonbiopole plays the role of facilitator during the project in order to support and redirect funded projects. This helps the projects achieve their expected results and benefits.

The cluster organises annual tracking committees for all FUI-funded projects. Thanks to these committees, the progress of projects can be presented to public funders to show that everything is going well and, if necessary, discuss issues encountered and requested new directions.


The cluster has two additional operations to help project initiators protect their innovations and draw up consortium agreements.


  • Intellectual property initiative programme in partnership with the INPI (French national institute of industrial property)
  • A taste for innovation programme, dealing with the legal, contractual and organisational issues associated with collaborative projects

When a project supported by the cluster receives funding, project promotion and post-project communication is organised. These two steps help optimise the project's economic impact and maximise the number of innovations and products reaching the market.


Lastly, Lyonbiopole gives visibility to current and completed funded projects in order to promote the skills used and results and benefits obtained during the project.


Lyonbiopole publishes a online directory presenting all of these projects and the resulting innovations, in English.

Promotion is achieved by:

  • Communicating the project benefits
  • Promoting it to major groups
  • Circulating innovations
  • Evaluating applications in new markets
  • Advising on new positionings and financial support tools