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MabDesign is a project that aims to structure and coordinate the therapeutic antibody (mAbs) sector and, more generally, the immunotherapy industrial sector.


It responded to the Strategic Industrial Sectors call for projects issued by the Investments for the Future Programme. Nearly €2 million in funding for the project over 5 years has been provided by Bpifrance.


MabDesign's challenge is to build an association that will lead the boom in the French industrial antibody sector. Involved in this project are health competitiveness clusters including Atlanpôle Biothérapie, Cancer-Bio-Santé, Eurobiomed, Medicen and Lyonbiopole, pharmaceutical companies including Laboratoires Pierre Fabre, LFB and Sanofi, biotech companies and a group of some 75 service provider SMEs.




The MabDesign project has two parts:


Structuring the French therapeutic antibody sector


  • Setting up a sector research committee
  • Taking stock of all current professional development courses, identifying needs not provided for and creating new professional development courses
  • Compiling a technology directory of the French antibody sector


Supporting SME growth and competitiveness


  • Providing commercial support for existing products and services for the sector's SMEs through access to a shared business developer
  • Helping build and develop high quality integrated technological products and services through a senior business developer
  • Implementing a customised service range to meet the specific needs of the sector's players


Contact :

Nicolas GROUX - Chief Operating Officer at MabDesign


Tel: 04-78-02-39-90

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