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Clinical innovation

One of the cluster's major challenges in the future will be to optimise and accelerate the transition of technological and biomedical innovation into the diagnostic and therapeutic treatment of patients.

Drawing on two programmes, 'Systems biology and personalised medicine' and 'Sepsis', Lyonbiopole is setting up a new development programme with a much larger scope: the Clinical Innovation Programme.


Innovation Clinique



Crucial to achieving this is the industrial world's rapprochement with the hospital and medical world.


This rapprochement, facilitated by the presence of three CHUs (teaching hospitals) in the Rhône-Alpes region, will help:


  • Improve the identification of clinical needs. The consideration of needs and constraints imposed by the hospital sector (hospital practices and medico-economic and regulatory approaches) from the outset of R&D projects is key to minimising the risk of failure as the project progresses.


  • Promote access to patients and clinical trials. Major concerns for the medicine of tomorrow, such as personalised and systems medicine, put the patient at the centre of the underlying challenges. Access to biological samples and data is therefore crucial for these technological, scientific and medical projects. And in order to ensure high quality clinical research, SMEs must work with the competent, multidisciplinary CHU teams to set up and carry out clinical trials in an optimal manner.


  • Help SMEs take on board regulations that demand increasingly more of them over time. In fact, it is vital to anticipate ethical, regulatory and medico-economic questions in order to achieve operational validation and the industrial development of innovations. Coordination with regulatory bodies enables a more effective transition of the innovation to clinical applications.


  • Position clinical innovation players from the Rhône-Alpes region in Europe, in conjunction with the European project CASyM.


In order to ensure the effectiveness of such a rapprochement, Lyonbiopole draws on the solid foundations acquired through its two other programmes and existing structures in the Rhône-Alpes region to support clinical and technological innovation.


In 2013, a first initiative was launched: the implementation of a specific module to raise awareness and provide information to SMEs about the hospital field and its innovation and clinical research tools.


These sessions were held at Louis Pradel Hospital in Bron and were led by Professor Michel Ovize (listen to his interview, in french):


  1. Structuring hospital research: partnership opportunities
  2. Organising clinical research at the CHU, with a case study of setting up a full-scale trial at the hospital


The first Clinical Innovation Day was held on 20 November 2014.

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