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A word from the president

Today, the Lyonbiopole competitiveness cluster is positioned as the coordinator and one-stop shop for the Rhône-Alpes health sector.

Philippe Archinard


Lyonbiopole, since its founding, has been focused on infectious diseases and cancers. Today, it also supports projects and companies in all Life Sciences sectors working on other topics such as medical technologies, nutritional issues, metabolic problems and nervous system pathologies. The cluster's objectives have evolved since 2005, moving from a very science- and collaborative project-focused approach to having clearly defined economic development goals.




Today, Lyonbiopole offers a comprehensive range of services to better meet the expectations of its members and partners. 

In order to stimulate innovation and tackle the challenges of new research topics, Lyonbiopole works to help encourage, set up and support collaborative R&D projects, mainly through scientific coordination, project structuring and project tracking. Scientific coordination occurs through the Partnering Days, the cluster's flagship event, as well as through topical scientific workshops. The cluster is also working increasingly closely with the academic and clinical worlds. This approach has resulted in the Clinical Innovation programme and hospital discovery workshops being created.


In order to support the growth of SMEs, the cluster must be a gateway to the health economy network by coordinating it, helping identify strategic partners and organising meetings with private investors. Lyonbiopole can also adapt its training courses to the needs of its SMEs.


The cluster is continuing to strengthen its international initiatives through trade missions to America, Europe and Asia as well as through cooperation agreements with foreign clusters. The goal is to help its members go international and to position the region on the world map.


Lastly, Lyonbiopole offers a range of top-level facilities to its members to provide as much support as possible in finding solutions to their issues. The Center for Infectious Diseases houses researchers in a secure environment, the Accinov innovation platform meets the needs of project initiators and companies working towards market-focused development phases, and the Business Center is home to sales and marketing teams.


All of the cluster's initiatives and the work done every day by its team are aimed at supporting the growth, drive and competitiveness of the SMEs in our regional ecosystem. I wish to thank our members for actively participating in the cluster and the local authorities for their confidence and financial support.


Yours sincerely.


Philippe Archinard.

Lyonbiopole’s President.