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Our international trade missions

Every year, the cluster offers a calendar of international events and trade missions to discover new markets, strengthen/develop foreign partnerships and carry out business intelligence work in the field.

A range of trade missions are offered:


Trade missions with other health competitiveness clusters under the UbiFrance/DG for Enterprise agreement


  • Topic-based trade missions (oncology, immunology, neurosciences, etc.)
  • Discovering new markets (Brazil, Japan, Australia, etc.)



Business and international trade show missions directed by Lyonbiopole


These trade missions provide help to regional export companies, either through collective operations, targeted Lyonbiopole operations under its PDI (international development plan) supported by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region or European projects.


The annual calendar for these trade missions is built around markets defined by our members as strategic:

  • Europe
  • America (United states, Canada, Brasil)
  • Asia (China, Japan)


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