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Our clusters partners

Interclustering: building relationships with European health clusters to generate new collaborations

Since its founding, Lyonbiopole has been involved in European health cluster networks and built special relationships with its counterparts to strengthen its expertise and develop new initiatives. The aim is to share its experience in setting up its support tools. This focus also aims to identify gateways to key European markets for members and make it easier to find research partners for European projects. 


BioXclusters Plus: the European metacluster in personalised medicine

The bioxclusters Plus (2016-2018) is the continuation of the bioXclusters project (2012-2014). The new project has been selected by the EASME Agency of the European Commission in the framework of the COSME programme (competitivity for SME). This unique European alliance composed of 4 clusters around the personalised medicine, aims at reinforcing the positioning of SMEs on strategic international markets thanks to shared instruments and the building of priviledged links with local institutions.

The targeted markets are the USA, Brasil, China and lately we added Japan, Australia, Canada and South Korea.

BioXclusters Plus gathers around Lyonbiopole, coordinating the project, three clusters partners with which Lyonbiopole has been having strong links:


Details of the project


Following the success of the bioXclusters initiative, Lyonbiopole has partnered with other European MedTech clusters to support its members in these international markets.




European Strategic Cluster Partnership to strengthen the policy of Intelligent Specialisation of Regions and support investments in medical technologies, co-financed by the European Union, within the framework of the COSME programme.



The European Medtech Alliance aims to support European SMEs in the Medtech sector in China and the US and to increase the visibility of the European medical technology industry internationally, co-financed by the European Union, as part of the COSME programme.


Bilateral cooperation

Lyonbiopole has also developed bilateral cooperations with European clusters, in particular with:


CEBR (Council of European Bio Regions)

CEBR is a membership-driven network of lifescience clusters across Europe, with approximately 60 subscription members and hundreds of cluster partners across the world.  It represents and supports thousands of SMEs and hundreds of universities and research centres. Since January 2012, Lyonbiopole is member of the CEBR Board and is one of the founder member. More information here.


ECCP (European Cluster Collaboration Platform)

Lyonbiopole is a member of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform which aims to support the development of cluster organisations at the European level, to make efficient use of networking instruments (search/find potential partners and opportunities) and develop collaboration trans-nationally (within Europe) and internationally (beyond Europe). More information here.


AFPC (Competitiveness and Business Clusters Organization - Europe Commission)

The role of the French Competitiveness and business Clusters Organization is to promote and represent competitiveness clusters in the French innovation process and to support and promote SMEs by facilitating access to public and private financing. Its Europe unit is the voice of the poles and its members to the European public authorities. More information here.