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Since 2011, Lyonbiopole has been investing a lot in its European development process through two main types of activities


  • Interclustering collaborations (via the involvement in European projects and alliances with European Health Clusters) and the implication into large-scale initiatives on scientific thematics. Several projects are ongoing:
    • S3martMed - COSME Program - Lyonbiopole, Coordinator
    • MAGIA - COSME Program - Lyonbiopole, Partner
    • EIT Health - Lyonbiopôle, Network Partner
    • Learn more about our clusters partners and our European projects


  • The European support for its members, especially to SMEs, is made through differents activities, among which :
    • diffusion of information about the European calls for proposals,
    • Organisation of thematic days (infodays, research partners events...),
    • The support to the elaboration of the answer to a call
    • Learn more about our support offer to Europe


Lyonbiopole is also representing the interests of its members both at the National and European levels. In this respect, one of its main goal is to reinforce the access of its SMEs members in European projects and programmes.


Since 2014, Lyonbiopole holds the Gold Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI)