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For a company to innovate and grow, it must adopt a collaborative approach and work with financial and technological partners, clients and suppliers.

In this situation, knowledge of the economic environment and how to use it are a company's keys to success.

Lyonbiopole is aware of the complexity of this environment and strives to facilitate the interactions between the various players, which is why it has positioned itself as a one-stop-shop health gateway to the Rhône-Alpes region.


The cluster provides players from the economic environment with a wide range of tools and initiatives to promote meetings and discussions


  • Lunch Break Partnering: this monthly training, information and networking session deals with a variety of topics


  • SME/Major Groups Meetings: this event promotes and strengthens collaborations between major groups and innovative young companies



For Lyonbiopole, knowledge of the economic environment also comes from being close to innovators. That is why Lyonbiopole has an SME business manager dedicated to tracking and supporting companies. The business manager is the preferred initial contact for all member and non-member companies.


Every year, more than 350 individual meetings are organised between the Lyonbiopole team and players in the Rhône-Alpes healthcare ecosystem.