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EIC Accelerator – SME Instrument

Key features of the call for projects

Porteur(s) de projet : PME

Opening date: November 7th, 2017

Date de clôture : March 18th, 2020

Dimension : Europe


Type de financement : Subvention

Thématique(s) médicale(s) : All

Secteur(s) industriel(s) :

The SME instrument is now part of the "EIC Accelerator" program. Phase 1 (50,000 euros) no longer exists, the program finances only Phase 2, financing R&D phases, first commercial application - demonstration. Projects must be between TRL 6 and 8. The SME must apply on its own and can benefit from a grant of up to € 2.5 million (70% grant rate). The average duration of the project is 24 months.

The deadlines for submission are:

  • January 08, 2020 17:00:00
  • March 18, 2020 17:00:00
  • May 19, 2020 17:00:00
  • October 17, 2020 17:00:00

The proposal must be based on a strategic business plan. Your proposal must specify the expected results of the project and the success criteria, as well as the expected impacts on your company in qualitative and quantitative terms (eg turnover, employment, market size, intellectual property management, sales , return on investment). You need to pay special attention to protection and intellectual property and present convincing evidence or measures to ensure the possibility of commercial exploitation (often called "freedom to operate"). regulatory and standardization issues.

Applicants can now apply for grant funding but also in equity (for projects with a TRL greater than 8 at the end of the project),

It is mandatory to send financial data (schedule business plan over 6 years) as well as the presentation (pitch) that will be used if the company is selected for an interview in Brussels. The latter is now to be included when the project is submitted.

Link to the participant portal