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H2020 Health / Call – Trusted digital solutions and Cybersecurity in Health and Care

This call aims at multidisciplinary technologies and solutions in health and care with a focus on cybersecurity to assure data privacy, security and protection of health and care infrastructures.

Key features of the call for projects

Porteur(s) de projet : Académique, Clinique, ETI, Grand groupe, PME

Opening date: November 7th, 2017

Date de clôture : November 14th, 2018

Dimension : Europe


Type de financement : Subvention

Thématique(s) médicale(s) : E-health and NTIC

Secteur(s) industriel(s) :

This call addresses the need for secure and user-driven ICT-based solutions in early risk detection and interventions with big data approaches that enable aggregation of a variety of new and existing data sources such as medical records, registries, social platforms and other environmental, physiological and behavioural data, including data from large scale pilots on smart living environments. It will contribute to the Focus Areas on 'Digitising and transforming European industry and services' and 'Boosting the effectiveness of the Security Union'.

This call will be implemented through two focus areas:


Focus Area on Digitising and transforming European industry and services

DT-TDS-01-2019: Smart and healthy living at home (IA)

A mix of advanced ICT ranging from biophotonics to robotics, from artificial intelligence to big data and from IoT to smart wearables can address these challenges. A platform for smart living at home should integrate these technologies in an intelligent manner. The pilots should build on open platforms, standardised ontologies, APIs and results from IoT-based smart living environments, service robotics and smart wearable & portable systems and clearly go beyond current state of the art in terms of scale, the capabilities for personalisation, adaptation, and user acceptance. This call is not open

Planned opening date: 26 July 2018

Focus Area on Boosting the effectiveness of the Security Union

SU-TDS-02-2018: Toolkit for assessing and reducing cyber risks in hospitals and care centres to protect privacy/data/infrastructures (RIA)

Development and implementation of innovative methods, tools, guidelines or best practices addressing the need for cybersecurity in hospitals including remote care and homecare settings e.g. for assessing risks and vulnerabilities of hospitals w.r.t cyberattacks; innovative cybersecurity measures; identification/authentication systems within hospitals taking into account cross-border requirements and usability; addressing cybersecurity in the whole lifecycle of a medical device including hardware with embedded software, such as e.g. pacemakers, …)   Link to the participant portal

SU-TDS-03-2018: Raising awareness and developing training schemes on cybersecurity in hospitals (CSA)

Awareness raising of staff working in healthcare settings on security and data privacy is important to reduce cybersecurity vulnerabilities and exposure. Training of IT staff working in healthcare settings is of high priority in order to enforce the knowledge on information security processes and data protection procedures. This may include proactive managerial and technological strategies to reduce vulnerabilities e.g. best practices to minimize the potential for becoming a victim of phishing and ransomware or strategies to respond to attacks. Link to the participant portal