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H2020 Health – Calls 2020 – 1.1 Personalised medicine (1 stage – RIA)

Call 1. Better health and care, economic growth and sustainable health systems
1.1 Personalised medicine (1 step RIA)

Key features of the call for projects

Opening date: June 28th, 2019

Date de clôture : April 7th, 2020

Dimension : Europe


Appel d'offre thématisé

Thématique(s) médicale(s) : All

Secteur(s) industriel(s) :

BHC-06-2020 - Digital diagnostics – developing tools for supporting clinical decisions by integrating various diagnostic data

Scope: Proposals should develop tools, platforms or services that will use information provided by most relevant diagnostic means for a particular area, resulting in an accurate, detailed, structured, systemic and prioritised assessment of the health status in a patient. The proposed solutions should integrate various data sources such as medicalrecords, in vitro and/orin vivodiagnostics, medical imaging, -omics data, functional tests (lab-on-a-chip) etc., while taking into account the actual needs of healthcare practitioners, and should be tested and validated in real-life settings in pilot centres, facilitating future Health Technology Assessment. These tools/platforms/services should contribute to improving diagnosis and clinical decision, not only integrate existing data, and should involve intelligent human-computer interface solutions to facilitate its daily use in clinical practice. Any medical data relevant for a particular disease (textual data, numerical measurements, recorded signals, images etc.) may be considered. The aim is to steer the development of solutions towards concrete patient and public sector needs, having the citizen and healthcare providers at the centre. Careful attention should be paid to appropriately addressing ethical and legal concerns, providing adequate information to health professionals and patients to support informed decisions, and ensuring data safety and privacy, in line with existing European and international standards and legislation. Gender and sex differences should be taken into consideration when relevant.

This call will aim at reconciling better health and healthy ageing with the need to develop sustainable health and care systems and growth opportunities for the health and care related industries. The scope of the call may range from prevention, diagnosis, stratified approaches, predictive toxicology, the development of novel and repurposed therapeutic approaches, including medical technologies and advanced therapies, cohorts and registries-based research, to integration of care and systemic digital solutions for health and ageing well.

It aims to translate new knowledge into innovative applications and accelerate large-scale uptake and deployment in different health and care settings, making health and care systems and services more accessible, responsive and efficient in Europe and beyond. To this end, the inclusion of private companies and other innovators in the projects is encouraged.

Research areas to be addressed under this priority will implement and provide the evidence base for global and EU policies mentioned as 'policy drivers in the Introduction'.

This call will be implemented through six main priorities:

1.Personalised medicine

2.Innovative health and care industry

3.Infectious diseases and improving global health

4.Innovative health and care systems -Integration of care

5.Decoding the role of the environment, including climate change, for health and well-being

6.Supporting the digital transformation of health and care

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