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H2020 Information and Communication Technologies

Key features of the call for projects

Porteur(s) de projet : Académique, Clinique, ETI, Grand groupe, PME

Opening date: October 31th, 2017

Date de clôture : April 17th, 2018

Dimension : Europe


Type de financement : Subvention

Appel d'offre thématisé

Thématique(s) médicale(s) : E-health and NTIC

Secteur(s) industriel(s) :

ICT-07-2018: Electronic Smart Systems (ESS)


b) Advances in bio-electronics smart systems: Enhancement of the technical capabilities of bio-electronics and connected Bio-electronics and Micro-Nano-Bio Systems through costeffective miniaturisation, manufacturing and demonstration, leading to high performance in specificity/sensitivity, reliability, time to results and manufacturability. This includes modular approaches with integration of standard components and interfaces as well as platforms where material, IT, communications and sensing/analysis modules are interchangeable. Portability, wearability, biocompatibility, and operation in remote and low resource settings should be considered. Needs of users, both men and women, markets and business cases should be clearly addressed.

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