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H2020 Health – Call 2. Digital transformation in health (CSA 2 stages)

Key features of the call for projects

Type de l'appel : Collaboratif

Opening date: June 25th, 2019

Date de clôture : April 22th, 2020

Dimension : Europe


Type de financement : Subvention

Thématique(s) médicale(s) : All

Secteur(s) industriel(s) :

SC1-HCC-08-2020: Scaling up innovation for active and healthy ageing

Scope: Proposals are expected to define mechanisms to facilitate further uptake by actively involving partners from the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy ageing as well as other relevant stakeholder groups (e.g. Joint Programming Initiative on More Years Better Lives, Active and Assisted Living programme, EIT Digital and EIT Health), and research and innovation projects, at European, national and regional levels. The work will build on previous actions and have a clear focus on the successful support to
supply and demand sides in implementing scaling up strategies for innovative solutions (technology, integration of health and social care, systemic change). In particular, complementarity and consistency should be ensured with the outcomes, guidelines and strategies delivered in projects funded from SC1-HCO-17-2017 (“Support for large scale uptake of Digital Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing”), SC1-HCC-01-2018 (“Supporting investment in smart living environments for ageing well through certification”) and SC1-HCC-05-2018 (“Support to a Digital Health and Care Innovation initiative in the context of Digital Single Market strategy”).

SC1-HCC-09-2020: Supporting deployment of eHealth in low and lower middle income countries in Africa for better health outcomes

Scope: The aim is to support the coordination of a registry of relevant existing e-Health solutions describing their services and potential for low and lower middle income African countries283 or regions together with a roadmap and strategic implementation plans building on the requirements of end-user communities and policy makers in the target countries. The action should take into account national and regional policies and (best) practices regarding health and care services and health infrastructures and also include lessons learned from existing eHealth policies and programmes at all levels of the health system. It should take into account the new Africa-Europa Alliance for Sustainable investment and Jobs as relevant.

SC1-HCC-10-2020: Towards a Health research and innovation Cloud: Capitalising on data sharing initiatives in health research

Scope: The successful project should bring together data-intensive EU health research initiatives to design an implementation roadmap /strategic agenda for a one-stop shop, a HRIC FAIR data portal respecting legal and ethics requirements. It should also define and
promote, among research projects, procedures to make data FAIR as well as a standard way of communicating such data, so that any IT-system can easily provide metadata to the portal. This portal would serve as catalogue of all relevant publicly-funded health research databases, registries and infrastructures (e.g., ESFRI) and allow access to high quality health research data. The proposal is expected to build a community (i.e., a wider forum) in order to align strategies and capitalise on the work done by relevant European and international initiatives. The proposal should develop two use cases, where all the aforementioned aspects will be integrated and analysed. These use cases should link health research data, and if relevant, health research data with curated clinical data and health administrative data. The participation of experts in ethics and law as well as patient representatives is strongly recommended.