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Upcoming AMP2016 international symposium on antimicrobial peptides

We are pleased to announce the upcoming AMP2016 international symposium on antimicrobial peptides to be held on June 6-8, 2016 in Montpellier, France. This fifth edition will explore cutting-edge structural, functional and evolutionary aspects of AMPs. We will enjoy three days of interacting conferences at the frontiers of disciplines addressing the unifying theme “Towards an integrated view of AMP diversity, functions and applications”.


AMP2016 will be organized in four complementary sessions:


  • Discovery of novel AMPs through rational design, genome mining and exploration of the biodiversity.
  • Linking AMP structures and mechanisms of action to microbial resistance.
  • Evolution of AMPs: from sequence and structural diversity to functional divergence.
  • Multiple functions of AMPs and novel applications.


The list of invited speakers and the preliminary program are displayed on the AMP2016 website


AMP2016 is now open for registration.


Please, save the date and join us at AMP2016!

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