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Meet the experts - Continuous bioprocessing: moving from theory to reality !


With the development of specific enabling continuous technology combined with the benefits of single-use approaches, the biopharm industry can move towards integrated end-to-end continuous bioprocessing. Implementing continuous bioprocessing offers biopharmaceutical manufacturing a new business model and for many applications could result in lower costs, higher productivity, greater flexibility and tighter controls all within a much smaller facility footprint than traditional fed-batch. Today, Pall Biotech has turned continuous bioprocessing theory into reality. Only Pall has the Continuous Ready products and integration expertise that has made Continuous Bioprocessing a reality. It enables bioprocessors to achieve the highest product quality, productivity and patient benefit with a dramatically smaller footprint and shorter lead times.


Join us during our “Meet The Experts” session in April 5th, 2018 and learn how Pall’s Continuous Ready products and integration expertise are making continuous bioprocessing a reality !



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