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Vetools accompanies the digital transformation of the veterinary world by focusing on health data, its collection and its analysis.


Its tools are based on :


  • User Experience, in order to facilitate the daily life of the practitioner as well as the owner,
  • and Collaborative, in order to capitalize on collective intelligence while strengthening the spirit of sharing of the profession.


Its first application is Vetics, the first collaborative dictionary of veterinary drugs. Using the official ANSES RCP database, it allows the practitioner to share field data and build a knowledge base in order to facilitate the most appropriate prescription for the animal under examination, particularly outside the MA. 


It also saves time by optimising research, making it easier to calculate the doses to be administered and reporting pharmacovigilance in one click.


Vetics thus contributes to the dissemination of good practices and the fight against antibiotic resistance.


The second application under development aims to make communication between animal owners and veterinarians more fluid during hospitalization or treatment.


Vetools shares with the medical world many common issues (therapeutic observance, Shared Medical File,...) and especially the same vision, through the concept of One Health.