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Synthelis releases a new off-the-shelf protein catalog

Synthelis, the cell-free expert, today announced the availability of its new protein catalog. Adding up to its production, purification and characterization services, Synthelis now offers off-the-shelf and validated proteins with suitable activity and purity for its specific application (screening & display technologies, antibody & vaccine development, structural biology, protein vectorization).


The customer can then choose from different families (GPCRs, ion channels, transporters, etc.), different formats (proteoliposome or soluble detergent) and specific modifications (fluorescent or isotopic labeling, incorporation of unnatural amino acids, truncated or mutated forms, etc.). If needed, a team of in house experts is here to support customers in choosing the right protein for the right application.


Based on its patented cell-free technology, Synthelis can also deliver proteins that are not in the catalog or answer any on-demand requirements.




See the full catalog: or contact Synthelis at