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Success for the prospective regional workshop on “probiotics and intestinal microbiota”

Lyonbiopole proposed on February 6th a prospective workshop focussed on the modulation of the intestinal microbiota.


Built in collaboration with the PRI and supported by BIOASTER and ARC 1, this day brought together a total of 88 participants.


Through the intervention of nearly 20 complementary stakeholders and the participation of an active audience, the workshop was a great opportunity to explore topics as diverse as medical applications for probiotics and LBP, analytical tools for the identification of new therapeutic targets, and the evaluation of effectiveness of solutions.


A time dedicated to the presentation of regional industrial forces and of the regulatory contexts surrounding probiotics and LBP reinforced the applied and industrial approach of the subject.


Finally, the conclusion proposed by Joël Doré underlined the wealth of the region in terms of skills around microbiota and its ability to cover all the needs from the knowledge acquisition to the product applications.
Lyonbiopole has thus affirmed its desire to continue promoting "good science", basis of tomorrow's innovations, by supporting the public-private ecosystem and integrated, multidisciplinary approaches.


An appointment was made for the 2019 edition of this prospective workshop!