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SODIAAL is the first French dairy cooperative, collecting and transforming almost 5 billion liters of milk all over the French territory.


The company is well known to the population through its brands Candia, Entremont, Régilait and Yoplait. The cooperative was created in the 60s in the Rhône-Alpes region, where are installed today more than 3700 farms and 30 industrial sites.
We commercialize all kind of dairy products (milk, cream, butter, cheese, infant milk, nutritional products, dairy ingredients) directly to consumers or for others industrial companies all over the world.


For mammals, milk is the first and only food available to cover their nutritional needs; its composition is extremely rich and complex. Our strong innovation and development axes are focused on the nutritional valorization of milk, which is continually source of discoveries such as the benefic impact of milk polar lipids on the cognitive development and on the inflammatory status; on the impact of dairy consumption on the microbiota; or the production of added value post-biotics during the fermentation processes. Moreover milk is a perfect matrix for the formulation of nutritional products thanks to its specific structure (mineral balance, oil/water interface, anti-oxidative capacity,…).


Our expertise is based on our total integration and control of all steps from the milk production, to the milk collection then the manufacturing of end-products and nutritional or functional ingredients.


Read the press release of the January 24th, 2019