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The Swiss company Kejako sets up an R&D centre in Saint-Etienne

Based on its research work and its already recognized digital model in ophthalmology, the Swiss company Kejako is setting up in France, in Saint-Étienne, to develop the innovative medical technology it has identified. Kejako France will now develop an ophthalmic rejuvenation process using a femtosecond laser that will allow presbyopia to be treated in a non-invasive way by offering 20 years of comfortable vision without reading glasses.


Simulation expertise will be an integral part of the proposed solution because the procedure will be specific at each patient from diagnosis to treatment of the effective aging of the lens by restoring its natural elasticity. Kejako France is currently in the ex vivo research phase, which confirms its positive results, and is preparing for future clinical trials before its expected launch in 2024. In parallel with the technical development stages, Kejako is preparing for calibrated capital increases. 


David ENFRUN, CEO, explains the reasons for this location: "We chose Saint-Étienne for the location of our research laboratory because of the perfect match between the existing ecosystem of Saint-Etienne and our innovative application of femtosecond lasers in ophthalmology. Indeed, guided and welcomed by Professor Philippe GAIN, who heads the "Biology, Engineering and Imaging Laboratory of the Cornea Transplant" (BiiGC) of the Jean Monnet University as well as the ophthalmology department of the Saint-Etienne University Hospital, we are now creating dynamic partnerships with the city's stakeholders, which include: the Hubert-Curien Physics and Optics Laboratory, the Équipex Manutech Ultrafast Surfacing Design, the SupOptics School and the Biomechanics Department of the Ecole des Mines. We have found the right place and all the necessary ingredients for the success of our project are being put in place! »


Kejako is now a member of the Lyonbiopôle competitiveness cluster and has benefited from the support of Aderly for its installation in Saint-Etienne.