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SIEVE France, an expert in isolator technology, is a leading manufacturer of isolators for use in the fields of health, research and development in life sciences, and pharmaceutical production, in both the hospital and industrial sectors.





Isolators guarantee the sterility of preparations and the protection of pharmacy technicians whilst protecting the environment. Biological and chemical safety are our priorities. Isolators are used for preparing chemotherapy, biotherapy, eye drops, antibiotics, etc. but also for manufacturing parenteral nutrition bags and virology.


More than 120 health institutions or companies use isolators designed by SIEVE France. Isolators offer a solution that is scalable, contributes to the performance and safety of preparation processes and complies with current regulations and good manufacturing practices.



Isolators primarily consist of airlocks (entry / exit), the working space, and sterilisation and atmosphere treatment systems. Sterilisation is controlled by contact with a non-heated sterilising gas. A central unit controls the sterilisation and cleaning cycles of the various compartments and ensures traceability of all actions and parameters characterising each production cycle.


SIEVE France's expertise makes it possible to work in positive or negative pressure conditions. Innovation is used to drive efficiency and productivity : control of sterilisation by contact with a non-heated gas, very short sterilisation cycles and limited gas quantity per cycle, etc.


SIEVE France proposes a complete solution: isolator, services, consumables and advice, in compliance with the required standards. Thanks to the modular design of an isolator, SIEVE France implements solutions tailored to the customer’s context, constraints and objectives: throughput, flow management, location, ergonomics, work organisation, etc. We develop close links with our subcontractor and supplier partners, contributing to a dynamic continuous improvement process. Developing smart connected tools and tutorial to ensure product integrity and quality is one of our top R&D priority.


The reliability of our isolators is outstanding and the operational availability rate meets the exceedingly high standards of our health-sector customers. SIEVE France has implemented remote monitoring and maintenance solutions; these systems allow it to focus on preventive maintenance, avoiding the need for corrective interventions. Innovation is used to drive continuous quality improvement.We can thus reconcile maintenance cost control with an availability rate that far exceeds our customers’ expectations.

SIEVE France designs consumables for the comfort, efficiency and protection of pharmacy technicians, operational and maintenance cost control and our very short supply chains offer hospitals flexibility and reactivity.


SIEVE France, created in 1990, is a pioneer in the field of hospital isolators. United around its founder, the company has remained independent and its teams have developed additional areas of expertise (microbiology, engineering, air treatment, etc.), firmly establishing our position as an essential isolator technology partner for our customers. With a long-standing network of specialised, highly-qualified health sector partners, we are therefore well equipped to build ambitious development projects. We are fully committed to supporting health, working alongside you in an increasingly demanding economic and regulatory context.