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 It has been recently found that our circulating antibodies all share a similar glycoprofile  to govern the fine tuning of the  immune response. Indeed, their effector functions are governed by an unique sugar switch which is able to modulate the activating/pro-inflammatory and/or inhibitory/anti-inflammatory actions at immune cells to respond to infection, tumoral development or inflammation. This sugar signalling allows the immune system to react within minutes and may as well generate antibodies against biologics. This in turn impacts treatment efficacy and should thus be prevented.


 Sialic acid specifically linked in the 6 position is widely recognized as the self-antigen for all human proteins : it is not the sugar signature used by  mammals, plants and pathogens. While blood group antigens differentially apply to individuals, sialylation is well known to be shared by all serum glycoproteins to prevent uptake by liver and immune cells through lectin receptors. However, 6-linked sialic acid is not added by most expression systems and current biologics lack so far this terminal sugar. SiaMed’Xpress holds the capaity to produce 6-sialylated glycoproteins and has sucessfully carried out  proof-of concept on various antibodies and now enters the first market of biologics. The SITHER (Sialylated Therapeutics) technology offers the opportunity to engineer sialylation in antibodies and provide them with the appropriate glycopattern to prevent potential immunogenicity.