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For 40 years, south of Lyon, Sedatelec's women and men have been designing and manufacturing innovative medical devices to enable non-conventional medicine practitioners to practice their art efficiently and safely for the health of all.

Decode the need of the therapist, imagine and put the technology at the service of these original practices and often confidential because not yet validated by the health authorities, to ensure the highest degree of quality by respecting the most restrictive standards (75% of our turnover is exported), support and help the transmission of knowledge, we have an exciting daily life.


Auriculotherapy (the press sometimes speaks of these "little nails in the ears" that Sedatelec invented) and Auriculomedicine are our core business, but we also work in Acupuncture, Frequency Therapies, Laser biostimulations, Chromotherapies, ...

Thank you to Lyonbiopole for welcoming us to its network. There is no doubt that we will be able to forge rewarding partnerships, both scientifically and clinically, to consolidate the evidence of effectiveness of these methods, as well as in the field of technological innovation where we have many projects.