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Positifs results for Imaxio clinical trial

Imaxio announces the publication of the results of a phase I trial of MVA85A-IMX313, the first human clinical trial using the IMX313 technology



The vaccine candidate has proven to be safe in healthy patients in this dose escalation study. These results confirm that IMX313, Imaxio’s antigen re-engineering technology, is safe in humans



Imaxio, a biotech company specialized in immunology, announces that the results of its tuberculosis vaccine phase I clinical trial have been published in the journal Vaccine. The trial, which was conducted by the Jenner Institute at Oxford University (UK), has proved that the vaccine candidate (and thus IMX313, Imaxio’s antigen re-engineering technology) is safe in humans. The study was performed in the UK and was led by Prof. Helen McShane from the Jenner Institute at Oxford University. 


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