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Pixyl provides to neurologists, radiologists and anesthetists software solutions that automatically analyze brain MRI, extracting biomarkers for stroke, multiple sclerosis and traumatic brain injury (TBI).



In their clinical studies activities, it allows clinicians to increase reliability in the study outcomes, thanks to the analysis objectivity and reproducibility. In clinical routine, Pixyl provides a simple and complete report of biomarkers presence and evolution, making easier to diagnose and follow up disease progression, enabling a better patient support for neurological diseases.



Example of report generated for head trauma



The software, available as a web service, does not require any installation. By automatically analyzing MRI, It optimizes human and hardware resource management for clinical studies. And in clinical routine, using this web platform streamlines the workflow between radiologists and medical doctors through a central report place.


Pixyl solutions are currently used in several clinical studies on stroke, TBI and multiple sclerosis.


Pixyl is software company headquarted in Grenoble, funded in 2015 by neuroimaging experts from INSERM-GIN and software image analysis experts from INRIA. It recently closed a seed round of 500k€, to speedup commercial development and to finalize its products.


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