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Founded in 2017, Biosency's vision is to improve the patients’ respiratory healthcare pathway and quality of life thanks to innovative devices.

BORA, the remote monitoring device available this fall, measures pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation rate, respiratory rate, activity and temperature.

Biosency's integrated solution composed by the wristband BORA Band, connected to the platform BORA Connect:

  • Provides wireless non-invasive monitoring of cardio-respiratory parameters, facilitating medical prescription of respiratory assistance.
  • Facilitates patient’s return after hospitalization and home care.
  • Improves adherence to treatment

Winner of the 20th I-Lab contest, the flagship national French contest for creators of innovative technology companies, Our R&D department constantly thrives to enrich the set of cardio-respiratory parameters monitored by our solution and expand our preventive solution by introducing a reliable predictive diagnosis for COPD exacerbation.



ICARE is an international group with 5 specialized subsidiaries: ICARE Laboratory, ICARE Validation, ICARE Biocompatibility, ICARE SWITZERLAND Laboratory and ICARE BRAZIL (MEDLAB).

Services provider and expert in contamination control for health industry actors, its major activity: To guarantee the safety of health products in compliance with regulation.


Our offer:

  • Life science (tests on medical and pharmaceutical devices): laboratory analysis for microbiology, physical-chemistry, characterization, packaging tests…
  • Validation & Qualification of processes, laboratory and production equipments, software, transport, help in defining strategies, protocols et reports editing, running tests…
  • Technical and regulatory support: assistance, monitoring, training, advice…
  • R&D: custom development of innovative processes and products, custom tests, optimization…


ICARE’s mission is to provide to our partners the assurance that their devices or products are sale on the market in compliance with regulatory and normative requirements for security issues.




To date, there is no simple assessment test for brain disease. The aim of SIBIUS is to provide the first ever digital biomarker to improve management of neurological and psychiatric disorders.


Spin-off from a CNRS unit, SIBIUS is a technology transfer supported by SATT PULSALYS.


Exploiting DIGITRACKING, a patented approach, SIBIUS develops e-health solutions AI-based dedicated to neurocognitive disorders.


This technology uses an indirect measure of visual attention by tactile exploration of pictures; its performance is equivalent to eye-tracking device.


The proof of concept has been validated on healthy subject and subject with neurological disorders.

Many applications are considered, in the measurement of vision disorders and post-stroke impairments, in the detection and monitoring of neurodevelopmental disorders and dementia and as a rehabilitation tool for visual and neurocognitive issues.