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If metals are essentials to the proper functioning of our organisms, their concentrations must remain supervised. Under the influence of the environment, aging, or genetic predispositions, several disruptions have been observed, inducing pathologies : over concentration of bimetal (iron: Alzheimer's & Parkinson's, copper: Wilson's) or appearance of exometals (lead, mercury, aluminium).



MexBrain develops medical devices capable of extracting metals specifically, rapidly and in a controlled manner. To that effet, MexBrain built an ultrachelating platform: fluids capable of extracting metals are associated to dialysis systems. These devices are specific to the targeted metals et their extraction rate can be modulated. No drug nor product circulates within the body, limiting side effects.



The first targeted clinical indications are hemochromatosis & Wilson's disease with a clinical phase target within two years. In the long term, MexBrain strives to offer a metallic purification solution suited for neurodegenerative diseases.



HEPHAISTOS-Pharma is a preclinical stage Biotech developing the next generation of immuno-oncology treatments using bacterial molecules to boost the immune system and treat incurable cancers.


The company was founded in 2018 following a collaboration between LPS-BIOSCIENCES researchers, a Contract Research Organization working in the Vaccine field, and the CRCL in Lyon. HEPHAISTOS-Pharma is based in Paris-Saclay University Campus for the manufacturing and Lyon Gerland for the preclinical and clinical validation of its products.



Today’s cure rate of immunotherapy is unsatisfying at about 20% only due to the “cold tumor” phenomenon. Our goal is to revolutionize the patient’s survival and cure rate by stimulating immune response and turning hidden cold tumors into hot targets for our immune system. Our technology is based on biochemical modifications of molecules used in the vaccine field since 2009 enabling systemic injection to humans and higher efficacy against tumors and metastases. Our technology has shown efficacy against classical tumors and hard to treat cancers like Sarcomas.