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New members – MARCH 2019

HawkCell provides in vivo MRI services on animals (from 1 to 150kg). We extend the potential of preclinical studies with specific analysis and quantification of physiopathology processes. Using MRI, HawkCell offers additional in vivo information about tissue structure, biochemical content and functional parameters. Thus, we provide in vivo insights about drugs and medical devices, such as innocuity, biocompatibility… Our MRI system and post-processing algorithms have been optimized for animal imaging. 

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Cardiac and vascular diseases are by far the leading cause of death worldwide. Improving access to cardiac care has become a health, social and economic priority.

IZYCARDIO crafts the everywhere cardiology expertise of tomorrow, using new digital tools and innovative medical centers. By enhancing medical time, IZYCARDIO dramatically increases access to care, with empathy and humanity.
Their ultimate ambition is to provide prevention for everyone, at home and at work, and win the first battle against cardiac disease.

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