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New members – July 2019


Epilepsy affects 65 million people worldwide. Epilert offers a solution to detect and predict epileptic seizures. A solution consisting of a bracelet with 5 biomedical sensors connected by Bluetooth to a mobile application with a system for monitoring the daily activities of the patient and taking medication. The mobile application is connected to a web platform for doctors who allow them a 24/7 follow-up of their patients to analyze the data before, during and after the epileptic seizure. When detecting the crisis, the app will send notifications, an alert to Caregivers such as family, friends and doctor. If the crisis exceeds 2 minutes, the EMS will be contacted directly if there is no response from the patient on the mobile application. Based on collected data we collaborate with laboratories, institutions and medical centers and we use Machine Learning's algorithms for the prediction of the crisis.



GAOMA Therapeutics develops new therapeutic molecules for neurological and inflammatory disorders, with particular expertise in epilepsy and the co-morbidities associated with it. The drug candidates developed by GAOMA consist of active ingredients coupled to lipid vectors, combining innovative mechanism of action and adapted pharmacokinetic properties.











Lumeen has designed the first mediation tool that allows staff of retirement homes and senior residences to easily organize group workshops with several virtual reality headsets. The aim is to bring together many older people around a common experience (swimming with dolphins, admiring an aurora borealis, visiting the pyramids, etc.) to improve well-being, reduce stress, create social bonds and stimulate the memory of the participants.





Mablink Bioscience is a biotechnology company developping next-generation Antibody-Drug-Conjugates (ADC) based on a proprietary drug-linker technology platform. This platform delivers ADCs with a high payload (DAR of 8-16) that are homogeneous and plasma-stable, without negative impact on aggregation, with improved pharmacokinetics, in a timely and cost-effective manner. With its technology platform, Mablink is democratizing the use of next-generation ADC in the clinic, to improve patient care in the immuno-oncolgy field.





POLYVALAN simplifies the identification of new therapeutic targets. Winner of the i-Lab 2019 competition, POLYVALAN is specialized in the development of innovative tools dedicated to structural biology. POLYVALAN uses an exclusive license granted by SATT PULSALYS which allows it to accelerate the deciphering of the protein structure in order to understand their biological functions and to be able to identify new therapeutic targets, a major challenge for the medicine of tomorrow.