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New members – December


ExperTrials is a full-service CRO providing clinical trial support to biotech and medtech startups to launch their innovative drug or medical device. Entering after the first-in-man studies, ExperTrials conducts international trials from phase II to phase IV, driven by a diligent market access analysis.


The leadership team consists of experienced professionals who ensure the flexibility and quality necessary to coordinate a worldwide network of 80 Clinical Research consultants in the countries where these trials are performed. Our simple and efficient structure allows us to be cost-effective.





HELIOSCOPIE S.A.S. is a SME based in Vienne (38) specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of medical devices for the treatment of obesity. Positioned in particular on minimally invasive techniques, we have developed three ranges:

  • HELIOSPHERE: Temporary and reversible endoscopic treatment with the implantation of an air-inflated intra-gastric balloon in the patient's stomach, introduced and removed by natural means, intended to accelerate the sensation of satiety.
  • HELIOGAST: Surgical treatment, reversible and long term with the implantation of an adjustable intragastric band. Placed around the upper part of the stomach, it helps to limit and regulate the passage of food. Connected to a subcutaneous implantable chamber, it is possible to adjust the clamping diameter.
  • HELIOSONDE: Flexible gastric tube with an inflatable balloon, used as an accessory for obesity surgery for the insertion of the band, or for invasive surgery such as sleeve gastrectomy or bypass



Picotech is a French start-up company founded in 2017 as a spin-off from CERN – the European Organisation for Nuclear Research. Picotech is a participant of the InnoGEX program – the CERN incubator that supports innovative companies during the first three years of their operation. The Picotech vision is that early detection is the most effective arm against cancer. The initial ambition of Picotech is to become the reference in the early detection of aggressive prostate cancer. Picotech will deliver a cutting-edge, organ-specific PET scanner capable of detecting small, aggressive prostate tumours at an early stage, when the disease is still curable. The device will have extra high sensitivity, precise position resolution and a much-improved time resolution for PET imaging. Together with dedicated imaging software and next-generation prostate-specific radiotracers, Picotech will build a diagnostic system that will make a screening for prostate cancer a reality.


Dessintey develops intensive rehabilitation technologies to help patients regain autonomy faster. Our mission is to assist patients throughout their healing and rehabilitation journey. Our technological solutions aim at increasing, diversifying and personalising their daily practice schedule from the moment they join the rehabilitation centre (whether neurological or orthopaedic) until they return home. Dessintey relies on the latest scientific advances in the field of neurosciences and on a close relationship with clinicians to offer simple and efficient technological solutions. In 2018, we launched IVS3. The device is dedicated to the central control of movement rehabilitation. IVS3 allows to mentally and tirelessly repeat a great number of movement simulations. IVS3 relies on both visual illusion and care personnalisation. 


Founded by three experts summing 75 years of successful professional experience in the health and technology arenas, NewClin develops a multilingual, digital platform aimed at easing at no cost a personalized access to healthcare services and medical research. Those tools developed by NewClin are also the basis for real-world evidence research programs, in cooperation with the industry and academia sectors, and for health autonomous management in case of life-threatening medical emergencies in some professional sectors. NewClin, an e-health startup company member of the Lyonbiopôle and French Tech One clusters, is supported, hosted and funded by Pulsalys, the technology transfer acceleration company of the Lyon & Saint-Etienne Universities. The first technology licensed by NewClin to build its platform, QAnswer,is a patented semantic web analysis technology from the Saint-Etienne University and CNRS.