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Datacapt has developed a global SaaS solution to digitalize clinical trials. All-in-one platform with eCRF, participant surveys (ePRO), electronic informed consent (eConsent) and tele-consultation (eConsult). The flexible and innovative tools significantly accelerate clinical research and allows interactive management of clinical trials on site or at home. This solution promotes patient engagement and cooperation between research teams.


Dynamic and passionate, Datacapt brings together long-time clinical study experts associated with an experienced technical and development team.


Our commitments:

  1. Innovation and quality
  2. Accelerate research with an intuitive solution
  3. An optimal level of security for the data collected


Our ambition is to be the daily partner of clinical research actors.





Pelican Health is a health and precision medicine company that provides solutions for studying the gut microbiota and using it for diagnostic purposes.


The study and exploitation of the intestinal microbiota, i.e. all the microorganisms that populate our gut, promises to revolutionize precision medicine.


Indeed, it has been demonstrated that in case of dysfunction, called dysbiosis, the intestinal microbiota is linked to various major diseases (cancers, Crohn's disease, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, autism, depression...).


Thus, the study of the intestinal microbiota is a strategic axis for fundamental research, for the development of nutritional or therapeutic solutions, but also a hope for diagnosis and therapeutic follow-up.


Today, there is a trade-off between cost and representativeness for gut microbiota sampling.


Pelican Health introduces a non-invasive, representative, easy-to-use, affordable and widely applicable medical device for microbiota sampling.




Jaguar Network (Iliad Group), is a French Telecom Operator and sovereign Cloud Provider that delivers managed IT services to companies since 2001.

Jaguar Network relies on a proprietary backbone of optical fiber with high-speed Internet access that covers >30 european capitals and is based on state-of-ther-art SDN technologies.

Our own datacenters host the most critical IT & Cloud platforms 24/7/365 . They are certified for the highest levels of requirements: ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, HDS.

Our company relies on expertises in the IT field to enable the digital transformation: IoT, Cloud, Network, Housing, VoIP telephony and managed services.

Since 2019, Jaguar Network focuses its investissements in the AURA region namely with the Rock Datacenter located in the 8th district of Lyon and a 2nd Tier 3+ datacenter in Limonest.

Jaguar Network offers new generation services in line with the new issues of Industry 4/0 and e-health services.


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