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Since 1987, IMIS – The Management Institute for Healthcare Industries – has been providing a quality business education to young professionals with scientific/medical backgrounds. IMIS students gain general business knowledge and skills and specialize in either Marketing or Regulatory Affairs. Upon graduation, students obtain a  Master of Science (MSc)« « International Manager for Health Care Industries ».





Specialized in genomic analysis, BIOMNIGENE is able to secure, validate the effect, the impact of a product on life or authenticate them.  We can answer to medical, environmental and industrial (pharmaceutical, agro-food, cosmetics) issues to  such as :

  • Intestinal, skin, vaginal, lung, soil microbiomes analysis
  • Identification, quantification authentication of species in a pur sample or in a mix (micro-organisms, virus, meat, fish…)
  • Antibody sequencing and safeguarding of hybridoma lines of special interest
  • Genotyping
  • Improvement and/or development of advanced experimental protocols
  • To develop methodologies for identifying and assaying species using molecular approaches
  • Project advice...
  • We provide a stool sampling kit for microbiome analysis.


BIOMNIGENE works in compliance with Good Laboratory Practice.






Healshape is a regenerative medicine company developing breast surgery products that allow regenerating women’ tissues from her own cells.


We develop a new generation of breast prosthesis who provide volume, shape and natural feeling on the long term through a simple surgery as the woman recovers her own tissues.  

We also work on the regeneration of nipple-areolar complex so that patients may benefit from a complete reconstruction after breast cancer.


Healshape wants to provide to millions of women in the world to choose their breast reconstruction or augmentation with confidence.