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ONCOMECA SAS is a French start-up designing a non-invasive eponym medical device (MD) which provides in vivo diagnosis of skin disorders including early stage 1 melanoma.

It is a class IIb medical device according to the EU regulation 2017/745. Our patented technology lies in the identification of early skin cancers using their mechanical markers combined to their visual characteristics. Our expertise has been miniaturized and automatized to provide an easy-to-use and 88% reliable technology!

It is intended for use by dermatologists and general practitioners and aims at revolutionizing skin cancer diagnosis to hasten patient care.



“At ONCOMECA, we innovate to provide early diagnosis for everybody.”

Julien Chlasta CEO, ONCOMECA






SMALTIS is a laboratory specialized in microbiology, delivering tailor-made and high added value solutions to support public and private actors in development of health products, from research to clinical studies.

One of our fields of expertise is to support antimicrobials development by assessing efficacy and toxicity of new candidates, as well as risk of antibiotic resistance. We also work on microbiota exploration to optimize and describe mechanism of action of compounds acting on it. Finally, we have expertise in strain engineering and construction of plasmids for bioproduction or research applications.

Catalogues of clinical, reference, or genetically modified strains are also available, as well as analytical services. 

In order to ensure a high level of quality for its customers, the laboratory is certified ISO 9001-2015.

SMALTIS’ strengths are reactivity, flexibility and scientific support.