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Gencovery is a software company developing a digital platform combining artificial intelligence with digital twins of living organisms to optimize bioengineering and bioproduction processes of biotechnolgy and pharmaceuticals companies. Our solutions rely on a technological innovation that leverages AI algorithms for the automatic conception of digital twins mimicking the metabolism of living organisms, and on a collaborative software innovation designed to efficiently leverage heterogeneous biologicals data by integrating different expertise from the bioengineering to the bioproduction steps. An application of our solutions is the efficient and continuous data integration and traceability for the improvement of bioproduction yields and quality of proteins (e.g. mAb, antigens in vaccine) and microorganisms (e.g. microbiota).




FABULOUS Impression 3D (Lyon, Paris). Entreprise, Matériaux ...

Innovative materials & industrial 3d printing applications


FABULOUS is an application center dedicated to industrial 3d printing, located in Lyon & Paris / France. We develop, for our B2B customers, innovative products and materials focused on their additive manufacturing application projects, especially with materials we are specialized in.


Our application center offer :

  • Consulting & concept
  • Application engineering
  • Production


In Medtech, we work on innovative materials development and their industrial applications. We aim to collaborate with technical and sales partners.







Every year Sepsis, an extreme response of our body to an infection, kills more than 30,000 people in France. W.H.O believes it is one of the most preventable deaths in Europe.


PREVIA MEDICAL has developed an artificial intelligence capable of forecasting sepsis onset. Compatible with all major EHR systems using FHIR technology, it analyzes the data of thousands of patients in real time and accurately identifies the complications risks. Thanks to a predictive algorithm using the latest machine learning techniques, it alerts up to 6 hours before the first symptoms. Health care professionals can trigger treatment protocols earlier, reducing lengths of stay, readmission rates and saving lives.



Recently founded and headquartered in Grenoble, DIAGNOLY is starting as a deep technology early-stage startup with the purpose of improving living standards by identifying the needs across the medical imaging and incubating AI technologies to answer these needs.
The aim of DIAGNOLY is to improve the fetal diagnostics and simplify the decision making during obstetric ultrasound. To do so, we develop an ai-powered platform destined to physicians following the prenatal development with obstetric ultrasound. Based on our proprietary algorithms of applied mathematics, computational physics and artificial intelligence (deep learning), this platform improves the ultrasound data provided by clinician and then analyses it, in order to detect, classify and localize the prenatal abnormalities from the earliest weeks of pregnancy.


What: Clinic'n'Cell / CnC SAS offers a new (pre)-clinical approach to rapidly obtain scientific data directly in humans in order to define the potential health benefit of a nutritional product, diversify and reposition an accredited drug or even research and validate biomarkers of interest.

Why: To stake out your clinical investigations or simply boost your scientific marketing. Clinic’n’cell aims to be a rapid, physiologically relevant and financially attractive methodology that does not require animal testing.

How: Created in March 2020, Clinic’n’Cell offers a functional clinical screening tool combining human metabolism and cell biology ( This development is protected and licensed (DIRV # 18-0058 INRAe / UCA). The approach is now validated by 3 clinical studies and its robustness attested by 3 recent publications (Q1 - Pubmed 2019).

 Where: Clinic’n’Cell is located at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy in Clermont-Ferrand.





The Serious Gut is a biotech startup that aims to act on common pathologies (anxiety, digestive troubles, stress, sleep disorders...) by way of the gut microbiome. They conceptualize and commercialize personalized probiotics, in B2C, based on a gut test. They work closely with researchers to bring personalization and the understanding of the microbiome forward.