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The TEXINFINE Laboratory is a research, development and manufacturing company in the field of the health of living beings, founded in 1982 by Gilles GUTIERREZ doctor of pharmacy and winner of the Louis Pasteur medal.

TEXINFINE, a laboratory of Biotechnologies applied to the life sciences, works on the theme of the metabolic and genomic relationships of species. Our expertise allows us to develop substances from the plant kingdom whose effectiveness is validated in-vitro and ex-vivo in our Laboratories. Present in France (TEXINFINE), French Polynesia (TEXINFINE-TAHITI) and Malta (ICP), our teams work together in the development of new biologically active ingredients, capable of improving or restoring essential physiological processes that have been damaged or become deficient. TEXINFINE offers a range of active ingredients and finished products developed according to the principle of phylogenic compatibility (physiological processes common between the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom) intended for human food, animal or cosmetic applications.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "carpaccio cloud" operates in the Digital Pathology space offering a custom, high throughput quantitative and qualitative histological image-analysis service with unsurpassed quality and speed. Currently focussing on muscle cross-sections and biopsies from tissues of similar architecture, we measure key parameters, presented in an easy to read report to assist the pathologist in formulating a diagnostic or the researcher in appreciating the physiological state of the tissue. Accessible via a secure cloud on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, available 24/7, 100% reproducible, you will be amazed how can enhance the precision and volume of your workflow. Have a backlog of images to analyze? Entrust them to You will receive the quantitative and qualitative report in record time. Accelerate your research ! Think!