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Nanobiose offers to its customers’ efficient in vitro assays to evaluate the immunological safety of their innovative healthcare products, whether there are nano-enabled drugs for a therapeutic, diagnostic of theranostic use, innovative formulations of dermocosmetics or biologics products.



To be the most predictive of the effects in humans, Nanobiose promotes the use of human primary cells combined to 3D cell culture technologies, whenever possible.



Nanobiose offers the unique expertise of its seasoned team of experts in immunological safety evaluation and immunology to propose a comprehensive support to:

  • Increase the confidence in the products
  • Take the lost appropriate strategic decisions
  • Mitigate risks and reduce costs
  • Develop your products in accordance with guidelines and regulatory authorities’ expectations


Nanobiose also develops ‘lab-on-a-chip’ microsystems to monitor immune responses. Nanobiose microsystems will allow the researcher to understand the sequence of cellular responses and decipher the subtle mechanisms of regulation.