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MODJAW Tech in Motion is a medical device conceived by dentists for dentists. It allows the dentist to reach unparalleled knowledge of the dentition and the occlusion of the patient and paves the way for a brand-new dentistry. REAL-TIME 4D models (dynamic 3D) are at your fingertips within 15 minutes and whithout X-Rays, allowing you to diagnose your patients like never before.


The company worships simplicity and quality more than anything else, hence an easy-to-handle and intuitive yet very complete device.  As dentists like to admit, this technology is the missing link in the digital workflow between the clinic and the dental laboratory and allows the production of truly bespoke prosthetics.


The Tech in Motion device is a unique experience :

  • For the dentist who improves his diagnostic thanks to advanced information on his patient
  • For the patient who is more than ever involved in his diagnosis and better responds towards treatment plans.

By bringing 4D to the dental world, MODJAW completely changes the current practice and offers a new ecosystem in which laboratories, training centers and universities   are aligned.