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Messenger Biopharma


Messenger Biopharma has invented a second generation messenger RNA (mRNA), which has been patented in October 2016. Messenger RNAs have usually got a cap at their 5’end.



This cap not only decreases the yield of in vitro mRNA synthesis, but also increases its cost. We have shown that some RNA sequences fully replace the cap. The level and the duration of mRNA-coded protein expression  are similar to those of capped mRNAs, whereas the cost of in vitro second generation mRNA synthesis is 30-fold lower than that of a capped mRNA.



We have perfected an in vivo mRNA transfection biotechnology that is easy to use, cheap and the most potent on the market. The mRNA must be injected to the organ to be transfected. We have demonstrated the potency of this biotechnology in mouse skeletal muscle and skin. There are many medical applications to this biotechnology. Indeed, mRNA transfection of the skeletal muscle might be used to vaccinate patients and animals. Moreover, mRNA-transfected skeletal muscle might release a protein of interest to the bloodstream. This latter might then act distantly from the site of mRNA injection.



Messenger Biopharma has also perfected an ex vivo mRNA transfection biotechnology for pluripotent stem cells. It is easy to use, cheap and very potent. In addition, all molecules are biodegradable. mRNA-coded protein expression is so high that it can last up to 50 days. The level and the duration of expression of the protein of interest can be chosen depending to the purpose of mRNA transfection: stem cell differentiation and survival following their in vivo administration or induction of local angiogenesis.



Finally, we are going to start a project aiming to the transfection of the brain by intravenous injection of mRNA. This latter will get through the blood brain barrier to reach neurons, which will then produce an intracellular or an extracellular therapeutic protein.