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medimprintMedimprint develops innovative, non-lesion medical devices, for clinical research in brain tumors and neurodegenerative diseases.


Based on a new concept, “the brain tissue imprint”, Medimprint’s products are the new generation of companion medical devices for personalized and targeted therapies.




The non-lesion feature of this concept allows an exclusive in vivo access to

- tumor heterogeneity,

- peritumor regions,

- neurodegenerative regions for poly-omic molecular analyses.


A new material

Medimprint’s technology breakthrough rests on the integration of functionalized silicon chips to surgical stylets for atraumatic sampling. Through an original « hide and display» principle, the brief and specific interaction of the silicon chip with brain tissue enables a simple apposition contact and the collection of spatially-oriented imprints. R&D department has also developed appropriate and specific on-silicon molecular analytical approaches.


A clinical validation

In 2015, the safety of our first product range, IlgoPrint, has been validated in a phase-0 clinical trial. In 2016 a multicentric phase-I clinical trial that plans to include 150 patients with glioblastoma (grade-IV brain tumors) has been initiated in close collaboration with four hospital centers: University Hospital of Grenoble, University Hospital of Angers, St Anne Hospital in Paris and University Hospital of Creteil. Tumor molecular heterogeneity and peritumor molecular content will be addressed in this clinical trial to confirm existing, or to highlight new therapeutic targets.


After Ilgo should come TismoPrint

In 2017, Medimprint should present through a phase-0 clinical trial its second product range, TismoPrint, a medical device for brain tissue imprint in Parkinson’s disease. TismoPrint should offer the unique opportunity to explore molecular content of pathological brain regions in living patients; opening the way to new paradigms in neurodegenerative disease-related research.

Engineered with forward-looking, research-concerned neurosurgeons, neurologists and scientists, Medimprint’s products are perfectly compatible with current surgical procedures such as stereotactic brain biopsy, tumor resection or deep brain stimulation surgery.


About Medimprint

Medimprint’s venture has started in 2015 with ILAB First Prize in “Health” category and has continued with its selection for the first stage of “Concours Mondial de l’Innovation”.

MEDIMPRINT® is a Startup from Clintec Lab and is the result of a close and efficient collaboration between CEA, INSERM, Grenoble University and Grenoble University Hospital.


Medimprint’s Founders

Pr François Berger: Advisory Board

Dr A. Bouamrani: Advisory Board

Mr B. Turluche: President

Dr A. Zaccaria: CEO