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Lobel Medical



LOBEL MEDICAL is a company located at Roches de Condrieu in Isère.


It is the result of the acquisition in 2009 of LOKKI SA by the LOBEL Group specialized in the export of French products.


LOBEL MEDICAL is the only French manufacturer of dental lasers. It uses a unique technology in the world, the YAP.


Based on an original crystal, the laser emits a wavelength of 1340 nm which allows dentists to perform a large number of difficult clinical procedures, in a less painful and faster way.


In 2018, the company exports to 12 countries and generates 85% of its turnover for export.


In 2019? The priorities are strengthening the network of clinicians and technological development, always using the specificities of crystal.


New markets such as thoracic surgery are being studied.