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Unique player from « Drug Discovery » to « Drug Delivery » mixing sciences such as physics and biology, LifeScientis Biotechnologies supports research in life science industries.



LifeScientis Biotechnologies activity was born from:

  • a 25-year expertise in physical and chemical properties analysis from Teclis Scientific. Company specialized in molecules’ behavior at physiological interfaces study (adsorption kinetics, surface affinity, occupation rate…)
  • and 20 years of R&D know-how and expertise in industries such as: pharmacy, nutrition, dermatology, and cosmetics.


LifeScientis Biotechnologies offers a brand new approach with:

  • Non-cellular tests for ingredients screening
  •  Behavior study and simulation for new chemical entities, proteins, and peptides at cellular membrane interfaces
  • Development of non-organic nano-carriers customized both to its carried drug and to its target.