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Success story : Osivax and the VUCCAF project



Towards a universal vaccine against influenza and COVID-19 


When it was created, the primary objective of Osivax was to create a vaccine against seasonal influenza. Osivax has therefore developed, thanks to its OligoDOM platform, a universal vaccine against seasonal influenza, which would remain effective over time, regardless of the appearance of new viral strains. However, the health crisis has given Osivax research a new dynamic, and it started to apply its approach to develop an anti-COVID-19 vaccine.



The VUCCAF Project is led by OSIVAX in collaboration with the CIC COCHIN-PASTEUR, the CIRI and the Centre for Immunology and Infectious Diseases (CIMI). It involves the development of a broad spectrum protective vaccine against coronaviruses, based on a fusion between the viral core protein and the OligoDOM® oligomerisation domain.



This project was labelled by Lyonbiopole following a PSPC COVID Call for Projects.


As part of the Bref Eco Innovation Trophies 2020, the jury studied some of the most promising research projects supported by the SATT (Societies for the Acceleration of Technology Transfers) and the competitiveness clusters in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. The VUCCAF project was announced as the winner of this edition.