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IXALTIS was created to develop and eventually market compounds alongside further products to be acquired through licensing/acquisition in the genitourinary sphere.
The company’s objective is to extend its portfolio, in order to become a leading developer of innovative pharmaceutical products for treating disorders of the urogenital tract, bringing to the clinic solutions for diseases that affect many people and for which there are few or no satisfactory treatments.


The main activity exercised by IXALTIS is biopharmaceutical research and clinic development, specializing in genito-urinary tract diseases. It identifies drugs which have already reached clinical stage and reexplores them for use in these therapeutic disorders.
IXALTIS has established a proprietary position by acquiring three molecules, including Litoxetine, under exclusive license from Sanofi with a strong evidence of efficacy in pre-clinical trials convincing enough to start proof of concept / Phase 2 in urinary incontinence.


IXALTIS was born out of the combined expertise of scientists specialized in urology, pharmaceutical experts and experienced managers: Dr. Philippe Lluel, Christian Chavy, Stefano Palea, Dr. Roberto Gradnik and Professors Pascal Rischmann and Xavier Gamé.
The Board of Directors consists of these renowned leaders in the science, managerial and entrepreneurial fields, and is assisted by a Strategic Board comprising some of the world scientific front runners in urology.

IXALTIS’ key factors of success:
• A leading compound with strong scientific rationale combined with highly encouraging pre-clinical and clinical data
• an experienced team to successfully develop the product
• Two additional compounds which have a development in other related indications