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Smart Bioscience



Smart Bioscience is a French company specialized in peptide synthesis, peptide engineering and peptide analysis. Peptides are 100% made in France in the company facilities located in the Grenoble area. Smart Bioscience is a subdivisary of the worldwide renowned company Smartox Biotechnology for its expertise in animal venom research.


Smart Bioscience offers quality, flexible and reliable services, focused on the satisfaction of our clients. Peptide synthesis services from the Smartox group have been cited in various scientific publications and patents (see section Citations & achievements). Smart Bioscience supplies public, pharmaceutical and biotech laboratories, agroscience & cosmetic companies as well as CRO in antibody production for example. The company has already successfully synthesized peptides with up to 65 amino acids in acceptable quantity and purity, with up to 5 disulfide bridges, performed double labeling…