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Global virtual partnering event uniting the life sciences industry in the fight against COVID-1

  • A unique virtual partnering event dedicated to the fight against COVID-19 brought together partners from across the life sciences industry, in record time, to help scale-up R&D, supply and manufacturing capabilities
  • The event garnered overwhelming support from 60 biotech clusters, pharma companies and trade associations worldwide
  • Over 2600 one-on-one meetings took place and 300 assets, 560 products, and 1600 services were discussed/reviewed


07 May 2020, Lyon - The COVID-19 public health crisis has brought to the fore the urgency and the sheer need of partnering across the life sciences industry to strengthen the collective response to the pandemic. At a time where the possibility of physical meetings is put on hold, #PartneringAgainstCOVID19 moved to a safe online environment to ensure no time is wasted in finding solutions.

The initiative was driven by Inova Software, Lyonbiopole, and Evaluate Ltd, with support from EIT Health and endorsed by over 60 biotech clusters, pharmaceutical companies, and associations from around the world, each activating their network in a very short time. The new format was met with enthusiasm, bringing together over 3200 participants from 82 countries in just 3 weeks, demonstrating the agility and international reach of virtual partnering. 2600 one-on-one business meetings were held over three days, to build alliances to speed up testing, treatment, vaccine, and manufacturing solutions against COVID-19.

“Over the last 10 years, Inova has been leveraging new technologies to reimagine the way biopharma companies connect and collaborate. With 2600 one-on-one meetings scheduled during #PartneringAgainstCOVID19, we are grateful to all participants that have proven that despite travel bans, there is a way for the industry to continue to innovate through partnerships”, said Gilles Toulemonde, CEO at Inova Software.
Historic progress has been made on the R&D front in just a few months since the beginning of the pandemic. But the road ahead will require endurance and an easy way to connect with others that can help scale-up. #PartneringAgainstCOVID19 helped lay the foundations of this, as the conversation will continue between partners.
“Biopharma companies have made tremendous individual efforts to tackle COVID-19; but from our experience working with innovators across the industry, we know that partnering plays a critical role in advancing scientific achievements. These collaborations are now more urgent than ever, and we’re delighted that Evaluate’s strong relationships and broad network of biopharma companies helped to enable these vital connections”, commented Deborah Kobewka, CEO, Evaluate Ltd.
“The fact that a virtual event of this unprecedented scale has been able to emerge in just a few weeks clearly shows that people are able to work hand in hand when it comes to fighting a pandemic. Unity and solidarity are just a few words that have been making headlines since the beginning. This partnering event demonstrates how to turn words into action to tackle COVID-19, by joining forces with Inova and Evaluate Ltd, with our strong and innovative regional life sciences ecosystem, and with our extensive networks of national and international partners ” said Florence Agostino-Etchetto, CEO of Lyonbiopole.

“We are delighted to have supported the COVID-19 Partnering Event organised by Inova, Evaluate and EIT Health partner Lyonbiopôle. We trust that, firstly, this virtual event allowed our partners to get to know all the initiatives put into place by other key players from the health sector and, secondly, it helped them in preparing the submission of a new Expression of Interest in the framework of the EIT Health Pandemic Stream Call" stated Jean-Marc Bourez, Managing Director of EIT Health France, who supported the event.

“As our industry joins heads of governments and leading international organisations together with the WHO in a new global collaboration to accelerate the development, production, and equitable access to new COVID-19 tools, we stand by our commitment to leave no one behind. This starts with building the right partnerships across the industry ecosystem”, said Nathalie Moll, Director-General of EFPIA, who endorsed the event.



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