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GATTEFOSSÉ and CYTOO join forces

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GATTEFOSSÉ and CYTOO join forces to investigate the biological effects of screen-emitted light on skin


Artificial visible light is everywhere in our modern life. Our mode of social communication confronts us with screens of all kinds and their use is on the rise. Curious to discover the potential consequences of such an environment on skin health, GATTEFOSSÉ initiated a two-year investigation with CYTOO to determine the direct effects of screen exposure on the skin.


Unique equipment was designed by GATTEFOSSÉ to accurately recreate the characteristic light emitted by screens of electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, PC).

By using micropatterning technology, a method to guide cell shape and monitor cell fate, CYTOO has developed a High Content Screening assay combining precise control of human dermal fibroblast spreading and sensitive analysis of mitochondrial fusion/fission dynamics by non-invasive live-cell imaging.

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