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French bioproduction tour: mobilised to meet the challenge


French Bioproduction Tour: The competitiveness clusters and health clusters have been mobilised to meet the challenges of bioproduction and make France a European leader



The first French Tour 2.0 dedicated to bioproduction, jointly organised by 12 competitiveness and  health clusters in order to promote the strengths and specificities of the regions and to be more internationally competitive has just been launched.



Paris, 17 February 2021 - At the initiative of Medicen Paris Région, Adebiotech, Allis-NA, Atlanpole Biotherapies, BioValley France, Clubster NSL, Eurobiomed, Genopôle, Lyonbiopole, Mabdesign, the microtechniques pole (PMT), and Polepharma, and in partnership with the Bioproduction project of the Strategic Contract of Industries and Health Technologies (CSF ITS), the Grand Défi Biomédicaments, the LEEM and France Biotech, have announced the first tour of bioproduction units in the region, the French Bioproduction Tour.


The aim of this unprecedented national event is to promote regional stakeholders in bioproduction, a sector which has been selected as representing one of the strategic challenges of French reindustrialisation and of national sovereignty for the coming years. In a complex health context where the regions have demonstrated an extraordinary capacity for resilience and innovation, this initiative will focus on highlighting their expertise.