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Edelris Announces Research Collaboration Agreement with Pfizer Inc.

Edelris is a contract research company, providing services to Life Sciences customers and partners (pharmas, biotechs and academics), committed to the discovery of novel compounds.



For more than ten years, Edelris has explored new relevant chemical space for drug discovery (Keymical Space™), containing several million molecules, and marketed specific representatives for screening and FBLD (Keymical Collections™ & Keymical Fragments™). This space is also accessible by virtual screening for the discovery of hits based on data from structural biology.


Edelris Announces Research Collaboration Agreement with Pfizer Inc.


Pfizer Inc. (Cambridge, USA) wanted to involve Edelris and its EDEN (Edelris Discovery Engine) technology in the discovery of novel chemical leads against several Pfizer-selected targets. Tony Wood, Senior Vice President and Head of Medicinal Sciences, Pfizer said, “We look forward to working with Edelris to explore the use of their natural product-inspired technology to potentially access novel chemical leads.” The terms of the collaboration with Pfizer are confidential and involve Edelris’ expertise in data-mining, virtual screening and medicinal chemistry: 

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The topological diversity and biological relevance of this innovative space that is complementary to existing virtual or real collections currently used in drug discovery make it a unique and efficient source for patentable, selective chemical matter that can be easily optimized for the discovery of new drug candidates.


Furthermore, to meet the growing demand of European and American customers, Edelris has increased its laboratory space by 50% as of February 1, 2017 and will continue recruiting new employees.