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timthumb.phpDermadis, based in Archamps, France, is a start-up company benefiting from the French status of Young Innovative Company (JEI), that develops new biological products with a strong anti-protease activity (epidermal kallikrein inhibitors) in the dermatology field.



The company is led by its founders David Deperthes, Chairman, and Christoph Kündig, Managing Director. Both are PhD, specialized in kallikreins. They have previous experience in the creation and management of start-ups (Med-Discovery, Epalinges, Switzerland). The management has established competence for developing Dermadis, especially as regards to implementation and scale-up manufacturing of biologicals, as well as preclinical requirements and licensing. More recently, Patrick Dupuy, MD with a certification in dermatology, joined the company for leading the future clinical activities. He has an experience of more than 25 years in clinical research, including in the orphan drug and cosmetic sector.



The primary objective of the company is to develop its lead product DM 107 as an orphan drug in a life-threatening cutaneous disorder, Netherton syndrome. DM 107 has obtained orphan drug designation by the EMA and the FDA. It is at the end of the preclinical development stage, and showed an excellent pharmacological and toxicological profile. Consequently, DM 107 is expected to be a breakthrough medicine in patients suffering from this devastating disease that is Netherton syndrome. For starting the clinical development program, a co-partnership between historical founders and new investors is actively sought. Other developments in more common diseases (atopic dermatitis, rosacea, non-adrenergic pruritus) are also considered, through a partnership with big pharmas.



Furthermore, Dermadis has recently implemented a collaboration with important players of the cosmetic industry and animal health, for the development of its other compounds in attractive indications (S’KIN project). The high economical potential of anti-proteases in these markets results in an active research in this field. The S'KIN project includes partners with complimentary expertise, able to compete favorably with competitors in the shortcomings. As a recognition of its scientific value, it has been labeled by the competitive poles Lyon Biopôle and Cosmetic Valley, before being submitted for public granting through the French fund “Fonds Unique Interministériels (FUI)”. Its market potential is large, responding to an increasing interest from consumers in the following conditions: dry skin, seborrhea, acneic skin, couperosis, itcchy skin, cutaneous irritation, sensitive skin, etc. The development of products for animal health is part of the project.



Thus, Dermadis owns a series of biological assets with a strong market potential. They will be shortly developed, thanks to the close partnership that has been implemented.