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Created in 2015, CMI’nov is specialized in the design and development of innovative medical device in mini-invasive surgery and especially in cardiac surgery. Its ambition is also to develop further medical devices in other fields such as bariatric and urologic surgeries. CMI’nov is at the service of the health professionals to offer innovative, technical solutions in order to improve the surgical technique.


Among its projects, CMI’nov is mainly developing a medical device called MIT’rep dedicated to the treatment of mitral regurgitation by annuloplasty and through a transapical approach, without ECC (extra corporeal circulation) and in beating heart. This device will facilitate the surgeon’s actions and reduce the costs of the operation and hospitalisation time thanks faster recovery.


Moreover, as its technique is simple and open to all surgeons, MIT'rep will increase the patient base, which was restricted until now due to their age and fragility and will increase surgeons base as well.


Since its creation, CMI’nov filed six other patents with high intellectual properties and with time to market within 5 to 6 years. As MIT’rep, these medical devices are based on innovative technologies.


With an complementary and experienced team in the medical field, CMI’nov aims to become the European leader in the design and development of medical devices.